Cassper Nyovest – Thoughts ft Boogie Lyrics

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Cassper Nyovest – Thoughts ft Boogie Lyrics  , is made available for you to read and digest. sing the song fluently like the real artist and do your cover or anything your will like to do the with the impressive song.
Cassper Nyovest – Thoughts ft Boogie Lyrics
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I keep on pacing up and down the roomAnd I keep looking at this fucking ropeMy momma text me saying, “See you soon”But will I make it? I don’t knowI don’t wanna die, but I also don’t wanna hurtI found a pot of gold, but still feel like I need to search, word
Success ain’t everything that I assumed‘Cause I feel lonely in these crowed rooms
Can’t even tell if it’s plastic or realThey love me, but I feel inadequate stillI mean, I try to stay focused and ignore it, but the pressure will buildWould be ashamed if I don’t set up my kidsI mean, I’m booming right now, but how long is my reign gone last?
Feel like I’m one wrong step away from becoming the same old cassI don’t wanna go back
Wanna move forward, but I don’t have all the energyEspecially when friends is busy siding with enemiesThought you knew me better than all these made up analogiesHow could I be happy when everybody is mad at me?You could tell I’m lonely by all these memes in my galleryBusy burning bridges when I should be burning caloriesWishing that we all came with rechargeable batteries
Wanna end it all, but I gotta think of my family, fuck
Now I’m forced to smile with niggas like a scoop, hmWho don’t love me like they say that they do, hm, hmI can see it in the way that they move, hm, hmNiggas, do you false? And say they living they truth
Oh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m goneThey only love you when you’re gone
Yo, yo, uh, who got receipts for what a prayer do, uh?You let me forward that, let me know that I’m unbreakable, uh
Your sync folder, let me know how much it ate at you, uhCome see my plate and all this shit they made me cater to, uhIt ain’t no space for you ’cause I done been confined to it, uhAin’t nothing perfect like my vessel if I fine tune it, uhMan, I been thirsty than a bitch, been tryna find fluid, uhI got a waterfall to find out that it’s diluted, uh
I see the sun inside my son, so I been super shaded but illuminated, uhCan’t do the cell so I went Super Saiyan, uh
My Neo soul can make it through the Matrix, uhWoah-woah, clear through my basement I been fumigatingThis shit got me bugging, uhI’m still a slave, I got a noose inside my stomach, uhMy free shackles turn to jury for the function, uhMy self destruction look like sumn’, sumn’, sumn’, uh
And I fear God but tell the devil we could run it, uh
Your inner beauty never paid you, truth is ugly, huh?I’m so confused, I see the darkness when the sun is upYou tell the truth, when we meet up you just see money, huhIt’s been a minute since I fell in loveBeen soul searching, I been meaning to tellWas unavailable they needed my help
See I convinced the whole damn world to believe in me, bro
When I don’t even believe in myselfI’m not as honest as you think I amI’m just as filtered as your InstagramI mean, I’m really me, just with a bit of trickeryI don’t trust a soul, I be like Mr. Bean, shhhMy spirit the reason people look up, sorta like ListerineScratch beneath the surface no matter how I word itCould never tell the truth to my fans, they think I’m perfect
I know I’m real, and I know I’m fakeDon’t know my fate, but I know my faithTryin’ to control my paceBelieve in God and the Pearly GatesSo if I die, I hope my soul you takeI know that heaven is a stretchBut I’m hoping that you’ll hold my placeI know I’ll make it though I made mistakes
Father protect me
When I walk through the shadows of the Valley of DeathWith no fear of the darkness though I’m hearing the threatsWhen I walk through the shadows of the Valley of DeathWith no fear of the darkness, say that shit with my chest
Oh, ooh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m goneThey only love you when you’re goneOh, oh, oh, ohOh, oh, ooh, ooh, ooh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m goneThey only love you when you’re goneOh, oh, oh, ohOh, oh, ooh, ooh

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